Light rays from the cross illuminate the eye of the believer.

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Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association 
"And that having the eyes of your heart full of light, you may have knowledge of what is the hope of his purpose, what is the wealth of the glory of his heritage in the saints." (Ephesians 1:18 BBE)

Order By Pay Pal

Activate the button below to go to our PayPal account. At this secure site you can order a BibleCourier using your debit or credit card. There is a $6.80 Shipping charge added for PayPal orders. PayPal no longer requires you to open a PayPal account to use its service for a purchase.

However, a blind individual using a screen reader will still need to enter the series of graphical characters displayed on the computer screen. This graphical information may be received audibly by selecting the button indicated for this purpose. Some blind individuals may still need sighted help for this step.

Once this graphical verification is accomplished there should be no problem entering your debit or credit card, mailing information and choice of two Bible texts in the appropriate edit fields without sighted assistance. Enter the Bible choices in the "instructions to merchant:" field. LBEA will then receive your payment into its PayPal account in U.S. funds. PayPal will notify us of your order and we will then ship the BibleCourier with your choice of two Bible texts (KJV, KJVA, NKJV, ASV, NAS, NASA, RSV, NRSV, BBE, NIV, NLT, GNB, NJB, CEV, ESV, or HCC) to you by U.S. Priority mail. If you decide not to use PayPal then you should mail a Money Order or personal check in U.S. funds to the LBEA office at the address below.

Qualified USA and overseas blind individuals may order the BibleCourier with earbuds, rechargeable batteries, and two complete Bible texts for the $70.00 subsidized price plus $6.80 shipping Charge. Use the "Standard Order" button below.

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Bible 2

Send Mail Requests with your check or money order to:

Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association (LBEA)
8331 Cloman Ave. E.
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

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