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Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association 
Empowering Lives with Sight for the Savior 

"And that having the eyes of your heart full of light, you may have knowledge of what is the hope of his purpose, what is the wealth of the glory of his heritage in the saints." (Ephesians 1:18 BBE)

Dear Friend of Lutheran Braille Evangelism,

You know of our ministry of specialized Bibles and Christian material for the blind and visually impaired.You may have seen the Christian Magnifier large print magazine or possibly the Tract Messenger Braille magazine.You probably know someone who reads one of our publications and looks forward to the next issue filled with uplifting messages that encourage.


Hereís what Eleanor wrote:


ďI want to thank you for your good messages in the Christian Magnifier.  I have to read my copy fast because a relative (94 years young) that is in the care center here waits impatiently for me to bring it to him.   Then he passes it on to his two sisters.  So, it is well read.    Keep up your good work and Godís continued blessings in your ministry.Ē


That's the multiplying power of your partnership when you give to LBEA and help support our special publications.


Every $1 you give, ensures a person with visual impairment will have Christian reading for their spiritual nourishment.The ripple effect of sharing touches additional lives multiplying your gifts impact.Think of the people you'll bless through your renewed support- itís another amazing story in the making!


Your financial gift will help Lutheran Braille Evangelism continue to provide people such as Eleanor and her family circle with encouraging Christian messages and the hope that comes from God's Word.


For example. a gift of $20 will touch the life of a person like Eleanor with the Christian Magnifier.Your gift of $30 ensures a Braille reader receives the Tract Messenger for an entire year.A gift of $70 supplements the cost of a talking Bible for a blind user.And, your gift of $140 covers the cost of one talking Bible unit providing life-changing help and hope from God's Word in a special format otherwise not available to the blind.


Your support will also help capture new opportunities here in the United States and around the world.Although our foundation has not changed- helping the blind and visually impaired access Godís word, the technology providing the access to Godís Word has continually evolved since we first began.


Our one of a kind digital talking study Bible designed specifically for the blind, called the BibleCourier, speaks the scripture, easily moves through the Bible by book chapter and verse plus is pocket size, making it conveniently portable for church, school, Bible study and is available in more than a dozen Bible versions.


I love this incredible story from a Minnesota missionary nurse in Kenya looking for special Bibles for blind school children and finding Lutheran Braille Evangelism and our talking Bible.

Hereís what she says:


ďI am a missionary nurse in Kenya since 1992 sent out by World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) in Minneapolis.  I specialize in eye work, but also do general nursing here.  In the course of my years here, I became aware of a small poor blind school for primary age students.  I have given some eye care to their students over the years.  Last year, I visited the school again and discovered their entire lack of Braille or low vision Christian material including no Bibles at all.  I felt led to do something about it.  So, I checked into getting a Braille Bible and discovered it would be difficult for the school to have a complete Braille Bible due to its size and little storage space at the school.  (One Braille Bible requires five and a half feet of shelf space) Then, I told some people at my sisterís church in Omaha about my findings and one lady friend of my sisterís there, named Carol, knew of your organization and your unique talking Bible.She bought one of your talking BibleCourier machines and donated it to the school.  I brought it to them in late March this year and the blind man who is head of the school was thrilled.


There are 20 blind or very low vision students who need your talking BibleCourier. In Kenya, Christian Religious education is required even in public government schools.  It is an official course subject and in high school all students must have a Revised Standard Version (RSV) Bible.  Also, English language is a required school teaching language from grade 4 on up through college.  This boarding blind school I know is so short on funds that I know they do not have enough books of any subject, but they share.  I thought it best for each student to have their own talking Bible to help them excel in English which will boost their other studies as well and give them a greater chance of passing grade 8 national exams, so they can qualify to get into a high school.That is why I am ordering each talking BibleCourier with the RSV translation. I will be ordering them one by one slowly until I have enough of them for all the students, so I will keep in touch with you.Ē


Remarkable, your support makes possible this amazing opportunity for LBEA to readily reach blind people around the world, such as the school children in Kenya.We cannot do this without you.


In the past year, Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association has been successful in providing hundreds of people like the Kenyan students with our talking Bible.So successful, we must manufacture hundreds more in early 2019.


Please act ďby givingĒ today to help LBEA make more talking BibleCourierís to reach the waiting hands of blind people.


We must make our talking Bible readily available to those with visual impairment needing special access to Gods Word.And that's why I'm turning to you today with an urgent request for your help.  To keep publishing encouraging messages, plus capture opportunities to ready Lutheran Braille Evangelismís response, we must raise thousands of dollars by December 31. 


Your gift today will multiply your impact by ensuring the Word of God is available in the special format needed for people blind and visually impaired.


I'm excited at the wonderful difference we can make together




Yvonne Pilot, Executive Director, Lutheran Braille Evangelism


P.S.We must raise $30,000 for new talking Bibles.

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Revised: June 1, 2016